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Dear Potential Applicant,

Prior to downloading an application for residency, please contact us by phone at 1-800-287-5325 or email: We will be able to tell you if we have a vacancy and from a brief description we should be able to tell if the applicant and our program might be a good match. We often recommend other programs believing that a good match is essential to a person’s recovery.

Thank you.

Willem Leenman, Director

Click here to download an application.

“During the past ten years as I have been all over the country with my son I have met many people in the field of mental health. You definitely stand at the top both in your expertise as well as your true caring to the people you work with.”  
- Family member, OH

“Dedicated is the important word here I think, unstinting dedicated care. Based on firm beliefs in the need for us to serve, to be wholly available and attentive to other people and that each person is valued and important. We were fortunate to have found you.”  — Family member, NY