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  Our staff are chosen for their energy and compassion.

We choose our staff for their dedication, their belief that there is hope for everyone, and their special talent in working with our residents.

While some of our staff have credentials in relevant fields, there is no degree awarded for the kindness, empathy and energy we look for in all staff members. We have among us a master gardener, a skilled carpenter and an accomplished artist. They have in common an enthusiasm for sharing their skills and passions with our residents – and for awakening dormant talents.

Staff are available round-the-clock to offer support, a smile, or simply quiet time together. Psychiatric care is available on a regular basis, or as needed, by our consulting psychiatrist. Therapy is available both individually or in group. 
“The care extended to my son during
his stay at FortySeven Main was extraordinary... the staff combined to offer him a restorative and highly beneficial experience which has carried over well after his leaving the program. Certainly the encouragement, stimulation and role modeling which you provided made a deep and I trust, lasting impression on him. I cannot thank you enough... for opening up doors of kindness to him, ministering to his individual needs and structuring a unique tailored therapeutic environment for his path to recovery.”  - Family member, NY